About Us

Welcome to Developmental Activities in Rehabilitative Education

DARE (Developmental Activities in Rehabilitative Education) came into being on the 1 st of November 1991 as a safe haven for the specially abled children of tea plantation workers. Our birth rekindled the spark of hope in the hearts of these children and their parents.

DARE celebrated its silver jubilee by organising a 2 day International Conference on “Recent Trends in Special Education for Young Persons with Special Needs”. This was a CRE accredited event with the objectives of discussing existing practices of service delivery in the area of special education and recent trends in training the persons with developmental disabilities such as new models, curriculum adaptations, vocational skills training, technology use and independent living.14 academic papers and a panel discussion on ‘Technology and the Role of the Special Educator’ were presented. Resource persons for the conference came from India, Israel, Australia, Sweden and United States of America.

On the wings of our motto, we rehabilitate specially abled children and young adults through a unique spread of education and vocation. At our sanctuary. marginalised children transform Into empowered members of society who are Independent. self-sufficient and proud.

If a child cannot learn in the way you teach, teach him in a way that he can learn.

We believe that the beauty of our teaching method lies in its fluidity. Classes are segregated into pre-primary, autism, hearing impaired I and II. primary, secondary and pre-vocational. Our teachers adapt to the need and the proficiency Of their class, creating a customised Curriculum that imparts a holistic learning of academic. Life and social skills. Additionally, we provide medical aid to all of our students. Our students are talented artisans. We encourage them to release their creative energy through the craft of paper, cloth, candles, gift items, Wire bags, paintings, stitch work, wood work. potpourri and beaded jewellery. We sell these products, using the proceeds to enhance the experience of our children.


Over the years, we have celebrated several key achievements:

  • Fifteen students have transferred to regular, mainstream schools
  • Nine students have chosen open employment
  • Two students underwent a Cochlear Implant surgery funded by one of the TATA Trusts and Tata Global Beverages Limited
  • One student underwent a corrective surgery for spasticity of limbs

DARE is one part of a larger tribute to especially abled children and young adults. Srishti – A Public Charitable Trust, the parent entity Of DARE. is driven by the resolve and determination of the children that it serves. Srishti is supported by TATA Global Beverages Limited.

At age of sixteen, our students begin their pre-vocational training which helps them transition from school to full time vocational training. They are supported with counselling and parental involvement to determine their lifework. Our students learn valuable vocational skills that enable them to earn their own livelihood. Once the training is complete, these young adults are employed by one of our five units C Athutya. Aranya, the Strawberry Unit. The Deli and The Along With paying hard workers a monthly salary and annual bonus, we look after their basic needs Including housing, transport, food and medicine. Some of our students successfully emigrate to open employment. For our students, the thought of building a life themselves becomes real and within reach.